How to optimize your Hivexperience - tutorial for my friend to master TAGs, earn more COINS, grow passive income and get started with hive

Namaste brother Dominic,

You had a great start and wrote some niece pieces. I am happy you joined the Hive community and want to help you enjoy it even a little more. This tutorial is for you and other users to look back so you do not have to search all my messages for information or ask for the same things.
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As you can see I do combine my Actifit posts with the We are alive Tribe while adding the tags hive-155221, alive, iamalivechallenge to earn $ALIVE on top of my $AFIT and $SPORTS and $HP for posting.

#Tags# (click for a list)
Depending on which frontend you use you differ tags by "," " ",... usually you do not add "#" but maybe on some frontend you do. I think on some are 5 allowed and on some frontends up to 10 while I am not sure if the 1st community tag is counted. I think so.
The tag "waiv" seem to generate the highest payouts followed from pgm (gaming), pob (proof of brain community)

You can always check my and other posts for tags I am using and maybe discover some more. I just found the article linked and started using some more income producing tags than categorizing tags as the Hive search does not work so well or I do not exactly know how to use it.

Useful Links and tools

The game I started after testing many many others (it´s free to play f2p and Play to earn p2e - no investment or HP required)
...but you can earn much more with blogging.

In this post I describe further things like automatic upvotes but upvotes and comments of course use your RC Ressource credits or voting power and again you earn more for active blogging and sympathy. But as you know I prefer reality and truth and rather make the world a better place than make evil friends who destroy themselves and everything around all day every day.

Beware of the evil
On Hive there are many open minded people and you find Communities like Spiritweb or Ecotrain (Check out the cooking competition)


Image by Azmi Talib from Pixabay

BUT there are also many many sick people who fight against truth, reality, peace and freedom like anywhere. For example there is the Natural Medicine Community but the admin @sirenahippie who is also admin from the Foodies Bee Hive is evil and motivates people to cook with unhealthy ingredients and destroy themselves and the planet. I told her the truth and she now uses here power and mutes my blogs if I post them im the community. But luckily we have free speech and I can just inform all of her admin colleagues about it. Hopefully they are more healthy in their mind and create a new community without the woman who serves the devil. @drrune @naturalmedicine @riverflows @phoenixwren @justinparke @minismallholding @holisticmom @alchemage @pavanjr @trucklife-family @foodiesbeehive @foodiesunite @anggreklestari @sajannair @jasonbu

Let food be your medicine probably heard more than once in your life. A person who makes other people eat unhealthy and pretends to support natural medicine should be stopped. Being "friends" for a long time or any other excuses you should forget. The devil who manipulates people to do bad things will never be your friend but will always pretend to. The one who is positive and honest will always be.
@sirenahippie btw no I do not speak spanish. How arrogant you must be that you think you would know which languages I speak?
You make people eat unhealthy and prevent healthy people from me helping people get healthy for FREE. You fight against the development of mankind just because you do not want to develop yourself and inform yourself about reality.


Image by kalhh from Pixabay

I would have liked to post more in the Foodies Bee Hive and Natural medicine as I am an proven expert in both topics and probably one of the best here on Hive and on this planet, but I focus on positive things in my life and rather not give this evil woman the power to cenor my free knowledge I use to make the world a better place.

This is why I left Facebook. It is full of racists, sexists and other sick people who also think they would know everything and prevent the truth from being spread.
You think you know better? Prove me or prove you are just arrogant by not proving.
Please do not blame for other people being evil just because I speak out the truth and you do not. Truth is pure love while lying is pure hate.

How to find more like-minded people:
My followers, people I follow, communities as mentioned, be active and write, write, write.

Delegations and Contests:
already mentioned. DYOR. But don´t waste too much time.

Check out my friend @abigenius blog he is new and awesome

My top blogs:



There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.


I absolutely disagree. Bullshit.

If I would kill you now, how do you think this not to be bad.
Loser have excuses, winner have reasons