Burn more money - New Years in Germany and the praise of racism and capitalism

Namaste and Happy New Year dear lovely humans,

As my name already tells I am from Germany but live in Spain at the moment. This was my first New Years Eve here in Spain and I realized many differences between Spain and Germany.

In Germany they seem to have way too much money. After christmas you can be sure that you will see and here fireworks outside in the streets in bigger cities all day every day. In cities like Berlin or Hamburg you can hear fireworks here and there all year but between the last week of december and the first days of January it is like war.

Especially "Silvester" how we call the 31st of december is horrible. I have spent 4 or 5 in Berlin, the capital of Germany, and I remember the last one we almost did not leave the house on Silvester. My flat was in an skyscraper with 18 (actually 17 but there was no 0) floors in the 13th floor. The Berliners waste so much money in fireworks and rockets that we had to keep the windows shut almost all day as they were exploding almost in front of the window.

Remembering my childhood if there were some fireworks available we always wanted to have them, buy them, use them. My family just had little money so I never got the big ones and expensive ones but I am pretty sure I had much more than the children here in Spain. We were burning as much as we could and left the dirt anywhere. Some didn´t have enough from the fireworks and built bigger ones of them or blew up post boxes or other things. Children in Germany are so bored that they waste their parents money to destroy other peoples post boxes or even blow up a cat or other animal.

Wow. Media totally fucked our minds...

Here in Alicante it was quiet most of the day and most of the time time. Sure you here some fireworks here and there but not all day for over a week. People do not have so much money to waste or rather waste it in different things maybe. Maybe children nowadays buy virtual fireworks for their video games many are playing all day. (Not that I do/did not play video games...)

"The best way to complain is to make things"

It makes me feel ashamed thinking about how I lived for a long time in Germany and how much I was destructive to mother earth and didn´t care at all about the planet or even the trash in front of my house if it was not mine. But it also makes me proud that I woke up and changed my life to become a helpful piece of the society and our environment. It makes me proud to have inspired thousands of people to change their lives and I know there will be millions more who profit from my knowledge and experiences.

You are perfect as you are today what doesn´t mean you can not be better tomorrow...

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