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Hive Earnings summary

  • blogs
  • curation trails
  • comment trails @elcomentador
  • actifit (steps + posts)
  • rising star (play + posts)
    to do: find friends + supporters


I hope you all know the website where you can follow curators and more. If not go check it out and earn some passive income.

Must be said that I do not totally support all these tools as you delegate your power to somebody else and as we can see in the world this leads to chaos, was and destruction but as you I also have to pay bills so I join the party.

  • Earn with posts
    Since End of June 2021 I am using HIVE and am finding more and more ways to earn money. Since the beginning I am on Actifit and today it was announced that I reached #19 in the top 250 Leaderboard, a few days ago I started playing Rising Star (very stupid game but it makes money) and just started posting about it.

There is a new tool to automate upvotes on single users posts and follow their upvote curations from @waiviolabs

How it works

START the bot here

I set up the tool for all the people I follow by now: @good-karma @sebcam @ganjactivist @ura-soul @dwinblood @surrealpete @pjansen @fairandbalanced @fredkese @jerrythefarmer @hivehealth @agent0812 @wochenblick @acesontop @valera7368 @mahdiyari @krishool @rawveganliving @yeckingo1 @supriya.gupta @elcomentador @schlees @ctime

...and would love if you also set up the tool and autovote for me. As you might know I gave up my friends and family to save mankind. I teach people for FREE about cooking, heathy food, selflove, I saved a life, I fight RACISM, pharma and capitalism...

I hope you are not celebrating christmas. If you do, you should read this

Wishing you a happy and healthy winter time. If I can help you with anything, (e.g. explain you what healthy food means and why) let me know.


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Why is @waveiolabs supposed to better than


Did I say that?
ah right the fanbase option...
I use both ;-) or all 3 also elcomentador as I mentioned uses about 65% of my power and waivo just very little as I do follow just 20sth people and they do not have curation trails.
And waiv is the 2nd layer token I earned most $$$ without ever using su I wanna support it

check it out. you´ll like it