Ukraine War



This war is closing in on a year, and it has been a catastrophe for Ukraine. The infrastructure of practically the whole country is in total or partial ruin, over seven million Ukrainians have had to migrate to other countries and at least ten million have had to leave their hometowns and move to other Ukrainian places, better said internal migration. The number of dead is horrific, by whatever data you want to look at.

Some sources will say more Russians have died, others will say more Ukrainians, but these sources first of all don't even have any substantial data to go on, except hearsay and not a single one of these sources includes the at least thousands of civilians who have been killed, the estimates for these run from at least 9,000 to over 50,000, again, whatever the number it is a catastrophe for Ukraine. And still all I hear is Rambo talk, no peace, more weapons more war.

But that is beyond anything I can do so frankly I don't give it much thought. The one thing that I have found amazing about this war is people calling it an illegal war. Now that is a fine concept, just think of it, there is an instance were killing people indiscriminately in a war is legal. Who makes it legal? In the end I will tell you who makes it legal, the winners. After winning they will show you how their cause was right and probably blessed by heaven. The humans killed, soldiers or civilians died for a good reason, for a legal war. Now I really don't think humans can get any more stupid than that, Killing is illegal and a crime, so war is illegal and a crime, bring me a lawyer to prove me wrong.