Problems, problems, problems


Things really are starting to unravel in the World, I of course just have access to mostly western and local Honduras press, plus Twitter, not much to go on as, like most everything nowadays these sources are politically biased. I have no strong political feelings, I do believe in a certain amount of socialism, like paying into Social Security and having at least something to rely on when I need it the most, mainly when and if I get too old to sustain myself. Free healthcare starts looking kind of good too. No, it is not free, we all pay taxes in one way or another so might as well get some of it back. But that is my opinion as is the following.

One of the major problems right now is the war in Ukraine, apart from the lives it is taking, the material destruction of a good part of Ukraine is obvious, add to that the problem of the natural resources that these countries have and are not being supplied to countries that really need them, food being the number one item, fuel to Europe being number two plus minerals that most industries need being three.

The Western press makes it out like a Russian aggression, I think there is more to it than that, actually I know so, because I became interested in this conflict since the Maidan troubles. Russia is an aggressor definitely but not the only one. Actually this is a proxy war with Ukrainian civilians bearing the brunt of the war. And don't fall for the MSM propaganda, Ukraine is losing and heavily. Proof? Just look at the photographs of the shelled cities, look at the Ukraine government actually begging for aid. Yet according to the press Ukraine is winning and will win. That is just propaganda, both Russia and the NATO countries are using up old inventory, to then rebuild with more modern equipment. Who suffers? The people, and mind you, Russia will get to keep the land it grabs and a few months later the sanctions will slowly be lifted.

That is one problem, then we do have climate change, yes, it is getting hotter, and yes, humans do have a hand in this. Here in Honduras I can remember it was hot on the north coast but not the kind of heat we now have, and one of the main culprits has been deforestation, logging and fires made by small farmers have halved our forests, this means less rain and more heat, and it gets worse every year. One I don't know if it is man made is the fact we are getting more and stronger hurricanes every year, just in 2020 we got hit by two very powerful ones in less than two weeks, Luckily deaths were few, but the material damage was huge, this in a very poor country.

And just as an afterthought I see that in the US they are probably going to overturn Roe vs Wade, which will make abortion illegal. I frankly am against abortion, but I do think it is up to the mother, if it really is a sin as Christians say, let her pay the price when she answers to God, but please get your hands out of something that should be private.