My Market View Today


At last a day that has left a good feeling. Bitcoin is above $20,000.00, Hive is over fifty cents and most other alts are better off than last week. Only thing is the market cap is still below 1 Trillion, that is a benchmark for me, I just like knowing the cap is above that number, it seems like a good luck omen for me.

Now these good days are not everyday things nowadays, in fact most days leave a bad taste, and most probably tomorrow we will see prices pulling back, but we do need days like this one. Everyone needs a reprieve from just bad news.

I am aware there are people who are knowledgeable enough or maybe lucky enough to make good profits even in bear markets, but most of us just aren't up to that. I personally don't have the confidence to play the market, I always have the gut feeling I am going to lose. So I never get to win in that kind of gamble.

Still as I said it is good to have a nice day, and, who knows, perhaps we have a few more days even weeks of more good feelings.

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