Happy 2021


Well 2020 is coming to an end at last, an annus horribilis (horrible year) if there ever was one. A leap year, these leap years are always supposed to be bad luck but this one beat all of them. You know we had the usual problems we have every year, natural catastrophes, wars, revolutions, political assassinations, every day violence, we had Brexit, we had the still troublesome US elections, we had earthquakes, animal extinctions, disruption of worldwide transportation, economic meltdown, you name it we had it. And of course the cherry on the top the Covid pandemic, I just heard of the brother of a good friend who succumbed to Covid this morning in Houston.

So, really I think things can only get better now, not to say 2021 will come and everything will be fine and dandy but things have to improve, we now have the Covid vaccine which should be a game changer, crypto seems to be poised to be the future which is good for all of us involved in this, yes we still have wars, and natural catastrophes are unavoidable but we should be able to overcome this, human beings are resilient.

The one thing that worries me, over all that has happened is the hate that human beings have for those who don't think like them, this should not be so, so your religion is different from that of someone else's, fine, follow your beliefs and respect those of others, your political views differ from those of other people, fine, you can debate, see where you differences are, hell maybe you can even get to understand what others think. But just hate because people think different is stupid and most of all dangerous.

I do not agree with many things and I do believe I am right, but at least I have in me the belief that even though I think I am right I just might be wrong so why distress myself, get mad and not live my life happily over things which in the end are of no consequence to me as an individual. I for one, would rather have free universal healthcare and free education over spending big percentages of GNP on the military, but that is my idea maybe I am wrong. but I will tell you something, both spending, for health or education or for defense are social spending so if you agree with either one you are actually a communist. See how things go? No, the right thing is money should be spent on the welfare of the people, and forget about the rich running the economy, if there aren't regular people who buy what the rich sell there would be no rich, so tax the fuckers, they make their absurd amounts of money off of all of us. And no I don't hate the rich, I just think that Jeff Bezos, as an example, has just too much money.

Well in any case I wish all of you a very Happy New Year and may everything be better for you.