First Goal Reached


When Hive was born as a completely different blockchain to where it was before, I was airdropped about 600 Hives. It wasn't much but it was a start. But I got into problems right from the start, I could not fix up my Actifit account, my Splinterlands account was of no use and I was getting zero votes on anything I posted. So I took the easy way out, I sold my Hive holdings and forgot about it. Well not completely I would ocassionally write something and I could, for some reason play Splinterlands again.

Fast forward to this year and I was finally able to activate actifit on Hive. I have been posting constantly since that moment. I must tell you I have hardly ever bought Crypto so I set myself a goal of reaching 150 Powered up Hives first of all, then 300 and then go on to 500 and become a minnow. Well I did get to 150 PU Hive today so that is, at least, one goal I have reached. It is not much I know but, but it is a good feeling to reach something you have set out to do. I expect the next 150 will be somewhat easier as my daily curation rewards are getting slightly bigger. In fact I expect to be there before December.

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