RE: 2004 Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemorative Silver Dollar

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It does all the time when Randy is around.

This one time at the pow wow rodeo she was giving away t-shirts to the crowd and said whoever has a golden dollar gets one...

I of course had one in my medicine pouch. I ran up smiled presented it she looks up and realizes who she's facing... Super big hugs.

Yep Brandy is an amazing person and I am so happy she has a huge amount of success in her life.

My other sister played Sacagawea in the Discovery channel series because Randy was touring the world promoting the golden dollar...

Yep direct tie and family connection. I grew up wanting to be some Lord from Europe or some Japanese Noble... Come to find out that Shoshone are royalty on this continent...

Well I don't want to be anything anymore other than who I am.