Growing On Blurt To Be Profitable

As we earn more Blurt Power, we'll be more profitable when upvoting people's content which is our main priority. As of now, we have been seldomly upvoting content a few times every other day or so. Our main focus is to power up our earnings from posts on Blurt while earning tokens on the Hive Engine. We also participate on Steem, but the English community isn't as prominent as other languages on the blockchain.

When we post our own content, it will be mostly news related or updates on what our plans are on these three main blockchains (Blurt / Hive / Steem). Other than posting content, we'll continue curating special content. On Steem and Hive we'll do auto-votes and manual votes while on Blurt all our votes will be manual!

You can expect one or two posts from us every month or so, and it's very likely you'll see us upvote your content if you post news and gardening content!