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This dream journal is not for your entertainment purposes, it's simply a tool to help me remember more and more details from my dreams. I use my dreams to do all sorts of things, i.e. make lots of money, so the more details I can remember the better. Sometimes I will analyze stocks and ask dream characters about prices in the future, so it's time for me to start sharpening my memory by writing down whatever I can remember. I've kept dream journals before, so I know it works. I figure this is the best place to store my dream journal, since no one will see it here, and it should stay safe on the blockchain. My other dream journals all got scattered and lost, so this will be a good centralized place to to store them.

Dream Entry # 1 The Smurf's Great Escape!

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Last night I had a really bizarre and vivid dream, so much so that I decided to kick of this brand new dream journal writing about it. Whenever I have these really realistic dreams, I know something big is about to happen, and more than likely there will be more messages for me from the other side in subsequent dreams. This particular dream started out like most dreams, in a small town with a group of friends that played out scenes in the dream.

The Dreamscape

The dream's town was full of houses, cars, buildings, roads, peopel, fences, just about everything we have in our world now, was in the dream. That's why most of the time you won't even know you're in a dream, because everything seems so real. In this particular dream the boundary was made up of a large tall barbed wire fence.

The fence seemed to be surrounding the town in a shape of a peninsula. It looked sort-of like if Florida were up up on the west coast instead of the East. The fence was not too big, maybe 6-8 feet high, and it did have some barbed wire along the top, just like being in a prison. This fence seemed odd, I remember wondering why it was there, and what was on the other side. Up above the fence were tall posts with video cameras monitoring the the whole area. There was even someone, or something on the other side of the fence that would occasionally appear at a distance, as if to ward us away from even trying to look. Beyond the fence was the ocean, or just a moat of water, the warden, a wicked witch, used this moat to swiftly travel in her speed boat and terrorize us. It was like living in a matrix, we had everything we needed, just no knowledge of how we got there, and what this fence was all about.

Eventually our gang got rowdy, and decided to jump the fence.

One of my friends launched first, I remember the moment he leaped over, his body just stopped in slow motion, like the fence was his event horizon on the edge of a black hole. His time and body just stopped up in the air above the fence and hung, as he dove over the fence. All he had was an empty pale shell of a body left, frozen in time, caught in the barbed wire, and what came out of is "shell" was a sight for bewilderment. What I saw next was shocking, a tiny little man spring out from his old body!! It was crazy, he was tiny now, like a little mouse about 2 inches high. He seemed alright and was running and jumping around, so the rest of us decided to join him and hop the fence to the other side. We all jumped over and the same thing happened to us, we shrunk into little people, just like that old movie "Honey I Shrunk The Kids!" It wasn't bad, nothing really changed, just our perspective because we were now little smurfs.
Suddenly we were in that dangerous part of the dream, immediately we were being stalked by the Fence Warden. The warden reminded me of the witch from snow white, just with a boat. She also had that Cruella Deville persona, mean, and she was still big, unlike us. We had to escape, so we jumped into our own little speed boats and get away. I remember cruising all around the outside of the perimeter looking back at the huge barbed wire fence, thinking that somehow I had to make it back home again to tell the others of what was happening. It was fun being tiny, but after discovering what exactly it was on the other side, being hunted and chased all the time, the gaol was now to get back in one piece.

It seemed like we did plenty enough exploring on the moat ocean anyway. I could have been inside there for 100 years for all I knew, dreams have a tendency to play out just like a book or a movie, they just flow from chapter to chapter, finally it was time for this one to end. A few friends got caught by the witch, one of my friends made a run for the fence again, he jumped back over the fence, and his body got stuck again, it just hung there. I was inches away from being caught too, but at the end of the dream I cut left and escaped from the witch, jumped back over the fence into my cage matrix home, and lived happily ever after. After I made it back, I felt a relief as I woke up and remembered all the details of this bizarre little dream.

I looked up some images online to see if there were any that would relate, to my surprise there were quite a few. Here are all the sources for the images used in this dream journal entry below:






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