The time we live seems to travel with our souls

Life, a journey full of so many mysteries in and around it. Today you are here with friends, families, or a dear one and the next thing you hear is they are no more. These news always starts as a movie to you till the last day you witness them in their caskets, lifeless to anything or actions you do. Though we are all bound as humans to die off one day, but the problem is the how we move to the next phase of life which awaits us.

As a new month, we all moved out to our various destinations with a positive feeling that we would all meet again when the day is over to live out the joyful times we had around one another. Little did we know that nature had its own plan for each of us as we moved to our various destinations.



As friends, neighbours or acquaintances we will never be of good terms all the time, but no one really wished the worst for the other in any other way. The rough moments we may or had had were all to keep the spirit of why we have each other alive in us at all times. But here we are not knowing what actual made us to lose some one we consider as a bro.

The news came as a shock to everyone around him, when we just saw him on whatsapp status of others with captions which were so alarming. As first it looked to me as I was the only stranger in the land of Jerusalem. This was so because I watched him on status of others without paying attention to the details in there.



The posts looked strange to be since I had the thought that he was celebrating his birthday, so I remember telling a mate that , I know for a fact that the person in question was not born in December and I don’t really know why he seemed to have made it to almost anyone he knows status. Only to see RIP written boldly on one of his pictures that kept floating around.

No matter what we do life goes on, but there is this part of humans after a person is no more among the land of the living that I would talk about here on this platform one day. But for the moment it is really was really a black Wednesday and if indeed there is life after death we ask that they lost souls prepare a place for us till me meet again with them.

Best regard