Hive ATH: it's effect and implications. Hive at $10 is not impossible soon.

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In a video I made around 2 months ago titled LARYNX Miner of SPK Network claim drop in less than 90 days - Its implications and effects on Hive. Time to invest more in Hive is NOW, I predicted that Hive might be around $10 by January.

With the current bull run of Hive which has seen Hive gone up to all time high, we will all agree that my prediction is on point.

In this video I explained the implication of the Hive bull run, it implications, what to expect and how to get prepared for the future Hive.

As we all know, some projects will be launched in January which means Hive holders will be getting different tokens as airdrop.

This means people will want to hold more hives, buy more hives and power up more hives. The effect of all this is likely to experience more bull run.

Hive is just starting and now is a good time to invest more in Hive. Investing in Hive now is a win win situation. Apart from the fact that we are expecting more bull run, there will be opportunity to receive other tokens as airdrop for holding Hive.

Watch the video for more explanation.

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