Lessons from the mass inductrination day 11 held on the 28th March 2022 via zoom

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It was a great time listening to great teaching from bro Eli. A lot of lessons were learnt and I just want to share few from the lessons..

Some of the important points learned from the words of God discussed in the Zoom meeting are:
  • Many tables today are full of vomit and filthiness.
  • The table symbolizes the church where people are been fed.
  • There are two tables or places to eat. The one of the Lord and the one of the devil.
  • From 1 Corinthians 10:21, we understand that we cannot be a partakers of the Lord's table and that of the devil.
  • There are things we can do even though they are not commanded because they are good.
  • In the Bible, there is what we call vow.
  • A vow is done voluntarily, it is not dictated to us.
  • When we vow unto God, we should make sure we pay our vow..
  • In the church, we should not be dictated to on what to give. We should give according to our heart desire.
  • Giving contributions should be according to the decision of our hearts.
  • Giving should be voluntary.
  • Thanksgiving to God is also a vow. It is done voluntarily.
  • The sacrifice of praise is thangsgiving.
  • In the church, there is what we called the sacrifice of thanksgiving.
  • Doing good is also what we do voluntarily.
My former beliefs or expectation that was improved for listening at the Zoom meeting

From 1 Corinthians 10, we are made to understand that there two types of table which are of the Lord and of the devil. Today, many tables are full of vomit. The table symbolizes the church where people are been fed and many churches today feed there members with different doctrines that are not of God.

Ways in which the study affect us that can make us a better person that we can use in our daily lives

From the study, we learn that not everything we should do are commanded. There are things we do voluntarily that are not commanded. Like making vows, giving contributions, sacrifice of thanksgiving and doing good. These things are what we do voluntarily.

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Thanks be to God for listening on our meeting.

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