Painting with AI || Fishermen painting with DALL-E

As we all know the the world is changing and technology is improving really fast. The world of artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually taking over and I believe in some years to come, the entire world will be taken over by AI.

Now, AI does so many things including painting. You can now paint your imagination using AI by just typing some key words.

AI used for images and paintings include DALL-E, Mid Journey, Dreamstudio and so on.

I'm a lover of art and I am using these apps to bring out some nice images and paintings which I will be showing here. I believe that you will love them all.

So, I make this Fishermen painting using DALL-E

DALL·E 2023-01-31 00.44.10 - Painting of fishermen in the dawn of the day_.png

The key words I input that brought out this beautiful painting is Painting of fishermen in the dawn of the day

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