I can now earn the invaluable DEC token for winning every battle. More than 10,000 DEC token achieved, next target is 15,000 DEC.


There has been some changes in the Splinterlands game and part of the changes is that one can only earn DEC token for winning battles from Bronze II and above. Which means if one is playing in the Bronze III tier, o e cannot earn DEC token for winning battles.

Having said that, I'm happy to announce that I have already advanced to the Bronze II in this on going season which means I can now earn DEC token for winning battles.


Already I now have more than 10,000 DEC token and I'm still open to earning more. DEC token is invaluable on Splinterlands. It gives one advantage to do a lot on the game and it also adds to the sps airdrop points. Isn't that great?

Having advanced to Bronze II with a rating of above 400, the next target is to advance to Bronze I. Already, I have more than enough power to take me to Bronze I.

With this achievement, apart from earning DEC token for winning every battle, I will also get a reward of 7 loot chest as reward after the season. If I advanced further, I will earn a better reward.

The next milestone to achieve now is to increase my DEC token to 15,000. I believe I will achieve this in no time.

You can use my referral link to create your account and start enjoying the game.

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Shape looks like it's based on the Kathara grids

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