No Time To Die

My purpose on earth is obviously different from yours and yours is different from everyone you've come across right from birth even though everyone's purpose is to meet one goal and the reason is for every one of us to be fulfilled with ourselves and our lives.

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This is it, you would rather find purpose than a job or career because purpose gives you essence and reason to live that you've got no time to die. People with purpose got no time to die or think about death because they invest their energy in living a positive life.

Purpose isn't the job you do to earn a living neither is it the career you go into the university to learn for four to six years, but it is the essential element of you, it is the reason you are on the planet at this particular time in history and I tell you this, purpose could be anything as long as it keeps you sane and gives you that inner peace and joy your job and career can't give you as much as you want them to give you.

Your very existence is wrapped up in the things you are here t fulfill that you've got to time to die or think about death until you are sure you've fulfilled that reason you are on planet earth at that particular time you are there. When you know what your purpose is, you won't even remember what death means because you will be occupied trying to do that one thing that makes you happy.

Your career might walk hand in hand with your purpose so, never forget that whatever you choose for a career path, remember that the struggles along the way are only meant to shape you for your purpose so if along the way things are getting sticky, don't think about giving up, Nah! don't even think about death because you've got no time for that but remember that those struggles shape you better for your purpose.

Our purpose is different same way our faces are different, so yours could be the things you use your hands to do, could be services to people or the needy, it doesn't matter as long as it keeps you going.

Purpose crosses job or career it crosses disciplines, it goes beyond just making a living for ourselves and our family, it goes beyond the monthly pay or income we wait on, it goes beyond earning to meet our needs, it goes far beyond the physical. Even if these things will or may be added but it goes beyond those things because it gives you a reason to live when others are not seeing reasons to continue living.

You wouldn't mind conquering sickness and struggling to walk because you've got no time to die and that's only what purpose can do, because you know you've so much to do and live for. You will struggle to survive through the thick and thin.

Thank you all for always finding time to read through my content, my happiness has no bounds when I see your comment, reblogs, and upvote on my articles. I pray that God bless you all for real.