Know Your Route and Follow Suit

In life, we all have packages to deliver at every point in time as we journey towards our destinations in life because that's the part where we distinctly our life destinies.

Funny enough, if you don't know your route or decide to follow another route that isn't yours, there is a possibility that you will never be able to deliver these packages to the designated people you were to deliver those packages to.


Don't follow anybody's route because everybody has their own route to follow to be able to fulfill their destinies. Just because we boarded a life bus together and we are headed towards the same destination doesn't mean we will follow the same route.

A story was told to me about a lady who boarded a car with the rest of the passengers because she was not attentive enough to hear what the driver was saying, she didn't hear when the driver was telling his passengers that he would be taking one of t many routes out of the city because of the bad road.

Just after they took off from the pack, the driver took the route he told his passengers perceiving that since none of his passengers didn't comment about the route he had planned to take.

The girl who wasn't paying rapt attention began having issues with the driver, about the route he was taking as she did not know the route the driver was taking but had anticipated a particular route he would have taken because she had a package to deliver along the way which the driver was not aware of earlier enough when he announced it.

Because she wasn't paying attention and didn't observe the route earlier enough when the driver started the journey, she could not deliver the package she wanted to deliver.

If you don't know your route or perhaps aren't sure, stop observing and inquire when you ought to. Ensure you ask questions where necessary so you don't get lost in the journey of life.

Know your route and follow suit, ask questions when necessary, it doesn't mean you are dumb, it only helps you know what is ahead of you and what you should anticipate.

If you fail to know and follow your route, or perhaps you decide to follow other people's route, you will miss delivering the package and that will be a loss to you because the other party can decide to get the package from another person.

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