Emancipate Yourself

Many of us can relate to how people have stepped on our toes countless times than we can count. Our day-to-day interaction with people has put us in the way that many have hurt us more than we can think and because of our hurt we end not forgiving ourselves not knowing we actually enslaved ourselves.

I guess someone would say, I am saying this because I have never been hurt but the truth is I have been hurt in ways that I never thought and by people I least expected and yeah, I have been in a position where I refused to forgive this person and most times, whenever I see her, I wished I could hurt her because of what she did to me.

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While she walked freely even when she was aware that she hurt me, I walked with so much weight in my heart, and this is what I call enslavement. When we forgive whether the person asks for it or not, we free ourselves from unknown or unwanted slavery.

Forgiveness isn't just about forgiving or perhaps letting go of the hurt the other person caused us but it is freeing you from the mental enslavement birth by the mistakes or errors of others and it is high time we free ourselves from such mental enslavement because it is a waste of time and your energy. After all, they are not just needed or worth your time and energy.

It is time to emancipate ourselves from such mental enslavement because they aren't affecting the people who caused us this pain but they are affecting us the victims of the hurt.

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