Don't Chase Anything



Many times in our bid to get many friends we end up failing to get one of the principles of life which is the non-attachment principle. Life revolves around and doesn't end in a day and as such, we met different people at each step of our lives but the truth is not all were meant to stay with us to the end.

Life indeed has taught us some major lessons and whether we wanna agree to this or we fail to realize this, it doesn't matter cause the fact remains that whatever is meant to be will, whatever is gonna stay, whatever is gonna leave is gonna freaking leave, whoever is going stay, is going to stay and whoever is going to leave, will leave no matter what we do or say to make them stay with us.

Don't chase anything, start practicing non-attachment, just let it be and just let it flow. Enjoy the moment because you can't actually stop what's gonna happen. It doesn't matter how long you've sat down strategizing how to make things work or make him or her stay. Nothing you do or say would change the matter because it is gonna happen.

Start practicing the habit of none attachment with people, be friends with whomever you wish to be friends with, be friends with whoever wants to be friends with you but don't be too attach that you forget to realize that not all people come to stay in your life forever.

Some come to stay for some time so they could help you be a better version of yourself, it could be financially, emotionally, and otherwise, while others come to stay for some time so you could help them but whichever way, they come to stay we should learn one of the principles of life which is the non-attachment principle so we don't end up depressed when their time to leave our life is up.

When that time comes for them to depart, it doesn't matter what they did or meant to us, they will leave and whatever you will say or do to make them stay will make no sense and won't do anything because their time is up.

So, instead of hating them for leaving you, why not start to practice the non-attachment method, it doesn't mean they will not be the people you want them to be to you, it only means you are cherishing and enjoying the moment you have with them, surrendered to fate and allow fate to take the lead.

When they finally leave, it would be hurtful, but it wouldn't be as hurtful as when you decide to grow on them and chase them around just to make them stay by your side.

Don't chase after someone or something and forget yourself in the process. Most times we chase after gold and forget that diamonds may be on their way. Our eyes become close that we don't even see the ruby close to us but because of our attachment attitude, we not only lose the gold but also the diamond and ruby. Leave at the moment, enjoy the moment and let it flow. Don't hold back or chase anything or anyone when they decide to leave because it is their time to leave.

Thank you all for always finding time to read through my content, my happiness has no bounds when I see your comment, reblogs, and upvote on my articles. I pray that God bless you all for real.