J Cole Hits Back After A Long While with "The Off Season"


Salutations musicforlife. So am @espandorr, uhm, I think if there's anything one can say am addicted to, then it's music. I listen to trap, rap, a bit of blues, but really addictive to emo shits, basically. I write lyrics myself, but that's a talk for another day. But while am still only but a lyricist, I'd love to be sharing some thoughts about music, trending stories and some personal reviews on how certain tracks have influenced my life, whether positively or negatively...

So, today's focus is "J Cole"

Generally on Hive, I don't tend to see a lot of attention given to certain things, like real time music, seems pretty underrated, or just maybe, most people here don't care. However, J Cole is an American rapper in case anyone here doesn't know him. I won't say am such a "BIG" fan, cause am not! And to be quite real, it's not that his music isn't in my fancy list or maybe he doesn't hit proper, but it's just that I've not had that much time to give his full back story a listening ear.

I've heard J Cole on a beat a couple of times. One which was my first was a track by 21 Savage where Cole was featured in called "A Lot"

A Lot had like a lot of intense shits in there, uhm It was a story based on real shits, maybe only suitable for shitty ears, but I doubt anyone would listen to it and not find anything related.

Though I ain't Cole's biggest fan, I like love his flows, it's almost like every little verse is perfect! On A lot he talk about fake stream plays, and the fake personalities a lot niggas and 'em rappers put up. Then there's this Track from him Called "Middle Child"

J Cole on Middle Child was like him to the world, saying some shits about everyone always counting him out, but yet he keeps hitting go and how he'd prove' em all wrong. That was sleek, because, I mean he did prove 'em wrong, because he's literally one of the best lyricist out there.

J Cole Hits Back After A Long While with "The Off Season"

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After dropping a lil track tittle "Interlude" with is off his new album "The Off Season" which will be dropping on Friday, May 14. J Cole drops a lil documentary which is the video above. Where he takes his fans and everyone watching on some shits that he's been up to, how things have been putting up and what he makes out of it all.

I tend to find some words of truth here, you know there comes a time when a man feels like he should take a break, he's been working days and years long, and after achieving some certain heights, he feels he should have some time off. Truth is, the lil time off that he supposedly wants could be the end of him, like could be the stopping point to any forward efforts. It's like getting stuck and too at ease in his comfort zone. It's kinda like where most rappers lay low and forget about everything, leaving literally all behind. And then Cole asks a question, which is what he finds himself going over. "have you dropped your best hit? Have the world witnessed your full potentials? Is that all you got?"

Basically some questions that as a song writer, artist, lyricist, or whatever else, because it basically applies to many other things than music. Yes we get to some levels in life and we feel we've arrived, or maybe some shits come up and then we feel it is where to call it quits or rest rather?

I personally ask myself at every point "wether or not am giving my best"

After hours of thinking over it, it sure helps me criticize my own work, even if it was close to perfect, to me, I believe there's always a better version to something because it grows old as time passes. This is something I had to reflect on while listening to J Cole's documentary. So, I'll let you hop right back there and play the video, enjoy and thanks for dropping by.

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