Exhale, it could all be a simulation...



Had some thoughts rolling through my mind some days ago, most of it was how at some point in life it just feels like we've all changed and totally become a different person. It's pathetic to say anyone is subject to change, it's just some hard shit to fight against, it takes over when it takes over.

So there was this movie I spent my whole day, uhm yesterday watching, it's called "Fear of Rain"

Basically it's a crazy one, fuck I can't recall the characters, I got a dead mind, but there's one thing I couldn't get out of my head, and that's just basically the extire storyline of the movie. Not sure if it really was focused on my pick points, I never googled the plot, but the "protagonist" was just some girl going through a lot of shits, living on drugs, and everyone around just deemed her a psychopath.

It's kinda funny how she lived her entire childhood speaking to her mother daily, not actually knowing she wasn't there. Her dad never told her about it, so she was left to believe and confide in her presence. So she lived with a simulation her mind created to comfort her.

Long Story short, she was struck with heart break to find out that what she mostly had total confidence in its realness was all a simulation in her head, and what she supposed could possibly be her brain fucking up her mind was "REAL"

Sometimes I do feel like nothing is real in this world, I mean at some angles you find angels, then at another you find demons, then you're forced to take parts only to be fucked up by the angels? Well sometimes am always forced to rephrase this line by Juice Wrld in his Song "Lucid Dreams'' where he said "Evil Girls Have The Prettiest Face" So I would put it as "Evil Ones Got The Prettiest Face"

A pretty face could mean so many things, I directly won't let the girls take it all on themselves, it's a circular shit, so pretty much everything is involved. On a daily, we are observing different fuck plays, lots of unreal shits happening, I mean yesterday we felt its too unreal to be real, but today wooo, it's a flipped over coin, so who tossed it over then?

It's a Curse

Yes, Exhale, it could all be a simulation, or maybe not, that's why it's a curse, so we use our brains?

I am fake, You are Fake, The World is Fake, It's all Fake, or maybe not, the original is unknown to us… Life is the definition of a dead end, there's so much uncertainty, tons of cruelty, so many things humans can't understand, and just when we actually think we can trace the origin of our complicated history, we run out of brain power and prolly drop into a haze.

It's difficult sometimes to handle reality, when most of the things we placed so much regard for fails us, but you know what? The truth is that our entire existence could all just be a simulation, what difference does it make then?

Just Exhale and move on…

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