The Consequences of Woke Business


There is a long list of woke companies, and I just cannot understand why businesses keep trying to push left-wing propaganda or their agenda. It isn't profitable, and if it is profitable for a time, it's only in the short term. Progressives value short-term gain for long-term destruction.

For stock investors, going woke can mean a death sentence to a brand, or it can lead to a plummeting stock value. Is the collapse of the stock values deliberate? Are progressives deliberately trying to destroy corporations and the established system? Maybe all this woke nonsense is just a generational phase induced by advancements in communication?

Whatever the reasons, progressives have successfully infiltrated the financial system, just as they have with media and education. They demean individuality with public education, they silence us through the different forms of media, and giving them power over our finances is not something we should do. Woke businesses can bar us from banking over supporting a protest, they can give us fees for holding certain public opinions, or they can outright ban us from their services and goods. We should NOT rely on them so heavily.

Cryptocurrency can empower us all, but we must also acquire metals and other valuable commodities. Progressives want destruction, not progress. This is why we must create a parallel economy.