Quit A Job And On To The Next!


About a month ago I quit a job working for a subcontractor for a big flooring company that I felt wasn't working out too well for me. Nothing against my boss, who was very cool, I just didn't like one of my coworkers who was just a giant pain in the ass for no reason. Also, yes, this coworker was one of the main reasons that I didn't want to work for this particular subcontractor. Being out of work for almost a month was really suckish since I need to find a way to save up money and pay rent. When I'm out of work, I can't really do either of them too well, just yet.

A friend of my mother notified me that a family member was looking for someone to come help him do a job. It's just a renovation job and so far he likes the way how I work, which is good for me. It seems he has some consistent jobs going on which will benefit me in the long run. Overall, the job isn't too hard, also I get the benefit of getting my lunch and drinks paid for by my boss, and also he does carpool. My boss is the one who picks me up and drops me off from work which allows me to chat with my boss after work.

This new job will likely be consistent so it may get in the way of me making some video content on Rumble and Odysee. That isn't too much of a worry since a regular job is more profitable for me than the money I make from being a content creator. Either way, it's looking like things are getting better after a bad start to the year.