January Is Ending Strong: Will Crypto Boom In February 2023?


This is going to be more of a positive commentary but I'm feeling really good about where the crypto market will be in the next few weeks. Many people are preparing for a slow climb up with Bitcoin and I can feel the positivity swinging for all cryptocurrencies.

This isn't really much of a technical analysis, nor am I suggesting a target or prediction for any markets. The market has been improving these past few weeks, and the end of January is just around the corner. This month the cryptocurrency market is ending very strong which is paving the way to a strong February push. Even with fears of a recession here in the US, new money is rising in other developing countries which can help the cryptocurrency boom. My optimism right now is through the roof, so I hope your optimism is high too. People would call it "hopium" but this month's results cannot be ignored. February will trigger a strong bull run for us all.

What do you guys think about the current boom in the market? Will February outcompete January's boom? What cryptocurrencies are you bullish on?