Fresh Game of Pokemon Emerald | Pokemon Emerald #1


Lately I have been having the urge to play some Pokemon so I decided to come back to Pokemon Emerald! I haven't completed this game yet, so maybe I'll finish it this time. lol

Pokemon - Emerald Version (U)-0.png

Right Now I've progressed through the story line and was able to pick up a BIKE and some other useful items. The early game phase is pretty much over, but there are still some things to unlock. So far I've won all my battles against my rival and have been knocking out the gyms.

Pokemon - Emerald Version (U)-1.png

These are the main Pokemon that I am keeping in my roster while also shifting them around for breeding purposes. My Torchic is already a Cumbusken but I haven't really prioritized the champ, I also accidently didn't learn Double Kick. I misclicked when it said to learn the move, oh well. Mightyena is where my focus is going into anyways.

Pokemon - Emerald Version (U)-2.png

My main plan for breeding is to get a better nature for Poochyena, and try and figure out how this IV breeding works out. I've had this champ since the early stages of the game so we'll see where the breeding gets me in the future.

I still have a long way to go before I finish the game, and its going quite well for me.