Feeling A Little Under The Weather


For the past few days after Christmas, I've been feeling a little unwell. Mostly it's just a sore throat, but it's been quite annoying for me. During Christmas I was doing very well, I didn't have any issues until the day after.

Don't get me wrong, I did drink some alcohol, so I thought maybe I was just hungover, but the soreness in my throat has lasted longer than expected. My niece also seems to be getting a little sick as well. She's having a runny nose, while my nose is a little runny, it isn't nearly as bad. Hopefully, it's just a temporary thing and not something that will persist for New Years. It's annoying but I'm not too concerned; We'll be taking a little bit of medicine and consuming plenty of nutrients to help us feel better.

Even if we do get a little sick, it's going to be OK, I'm pretty happy about Christmas. The holiday season has been really good for me this year, so this isn't going to bring me down.