A Bored Dog Can Be A Destructive One


Earlier in the week, my dog decided it would be a swell idea to gnaw on my laptop charger cord which eventually broke. My charger snapped and no longer worked since I'm not much of an electrical engineer, I didn't want to mess with it, so I had no choice but to get a new one.

My dog is a good boy most of the time, and I don't fault him for being bored and wanting to find something to do, but it just has to be bad luck for him to choose my power cord out of all things to play with. My sister got wind of the situation and offered to pay for my replacement charger. Naturally, I accepted her offer since I was already feeling down. I figured, "Why not?"

We ordered the replacement, and it arrived the next day in the afternoon. It cost us around 12$; 4$ was paid for by my sister's extra reward points, which was pretty lucky. It's a shame we had to spend money to replace something that should not have been broken, but at least I've got the resources to be able to do it. I'm feeling pretty blessed, and I'm happy that I got this support system around me whenever things go awry.