Splinterlands - one month review and progress


About a month ago, I started playing Splinterlands. After one week, I posted a first update with a great ROI. Time to see how things progressed since then.


As I said earlier, it took quite some time to get to know the exact rules and figure out how to have the best chance of winning battles. Honestly, I still suck at the game itself. I only win about 43% of my battles, so that should really improve before I reach a higher league than Bronze III. What also needs for that to happen is to improve the power of my collection.


After the initial first card and the Beta pack I opened, I only bought a couple of cards myself (two Harvesters to have 5 and get them to level 2). I did get some reward cards, but that has been slow lately. Not the least because I was about 2 hours late to buy some Quest chest with credits. I was almost out of those before the announcement came that you could only buy them with DEC (which makes it really expensive/not profitable in my opinion). Hopefully I get some of the recently announced cards at the end of the season tomorrow.

My Harvester level 2, the only card I invested in myself

Investment and return

Always good to keep track of the financial side of the equation. I didn't invest more in the game myself, so I only bought the Spellbook and 10 Quest potions (for $17.5 or 36 Hive). The latter one did get another of those fat 2k DEC chests (so 2 in total), so that made it a really profitable investment.

Card Value

According to Peakmonsters, my cards have a total value of $18.16. This is a bit more than after week one (it was $12.62 back then)


Dark Energy Chrystals (DEC)

Like the first time, my DEC got boosted a lot. I'm now at 5.5k, worth around $30. Again a great return compared to the 15.6 Hive ($7.5) I used for buying the potions. The price of DEC did decrease a bit, so it could have been even better.


SPS tokens

Mainly thanks to the increase of DEC, I also get a nice airdrop of SPS every day. I staked all SPS I received so far, making the staking rewards bigger and bigger every day. You can see a nice increase from 8.7 to 33.4 here. Unfortunately also the SPS price went down, so the dollar value only went up from $3.33 to $7,66. Still not bad considering they're free tokens in the end.


Total return and ROI

In total my assets are now worth around $56. In dollar value that's a lot more than before (it used to be $36), but it is still 75 Hive. Compared to the 27 Hive I invested, it means I'm still at a great return (178% in Hive and 220% in dollars).

Want to play too?

If you got interested and want to play the game too? Consider using my referral link, so we can both profit of it a bit.

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