Splinterlands - month two progress

About two months ago, I started playing Splinterlands. Time to see how things progressed since a month ago.

Progress in the game

Still I'm not the best player (by far) losing more often than winning. I try to do the daily quests and then some more games when the DEC capture rate is back to about 100%. Today is the last day of the season and I'm struggling to get into Bronze II. If I reach the needed rating, I still need to rent a high value card in order to have enough power (which I did do last season).


I did use some of the DEC I got as rewards to buy some cards at @monstermarket, resulting in a couple of level 2 (and 3) cards.

image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png image.png

What was a huge bummer was the adjusted way rewards are distributed in the Bronze leagues. Instead of DEC and 50% chance of getting a card, you now get Credits or Potions. This makes the (rewards of the) daily quests quite disappointing...

Investment and return

Always good to keep track of the financial side of the equation. I didn't invest more in the game myself (besides DEC I got as a reward), so I only bought the Spellbook and 10 Quest potions (for $17.5 or 36 Hive).

Card Value

According to Peakmonsters, my cards have a total value of $33.56. This is a lot more than after one month ($18.16)


Dark Energy Chrystals (DEC)

Because I used some to buy cards, my DEC holdings went down a bit. I'm now at 5.1k (from 5.5k), but the dollar value is up hugely from $30 to $78. It seems the coming Chaos Legion pre-sale event is making a lot of people buy DEC.


SPS tokens

I keep getting a nice airdrop of SPS every day. I staked all SPS I received so far in order to receive as much Vouchers for the Chaos Legion packs and to make the staking rewards bigger and bigger every day. You can see a nice increase (almost doubling) from 33.4 to 63.4 here. Great to see the SPS price even up further than the DEC price, making my holdings value at $56.07 instead of $7.66.


Total return and ROI

In total my assets are now worth around $167. That's a lot more than before (it used to be $56). In Hive you can also see a huge increase from 75 to about 200. Compared to the 37 Hive I invested, it means I'm at a great return (440% in Hive and 856% in dollars).

Want to play too?

If you got interested and want to play the game too? Consider using my referral link, so we can both profit of it a bit.

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