Day 13 Mass Indoctrination service, hold Via Zoom Meeting

Good evening brothers and sisters, thanks be to God almighty, it's another wonderful teachings today with brother Eli.


I want to share with us what I learned from the Mass Indoctrination service, brother Eli said if a person is committing a sin unto death we should not pray for him anymore. in other churches one that will be executed for a very evil thing you've done they won't even pray for him others might see because we are not that way you are because God said do not pray for him anymore a man that is a heretic after the first and second admonition reject is rejection with God you have given a person One Chance, chances as admin reject him because he will not reject or remove him from the church. the sins and to death that if we do them intentionally we will be expelled so that others will not be the file. Like a story brother Eli told us. the same in a congregation if you do not prevent and you tolerate those who are going evil more so if the sense they are doing death or grievous other members will be the file they will just think it's just okay because he wasn't exiled. This is important so that if we join the church and we will follow the way of the Bible not the way of man with nice way there are those are really tolerating especially they give big donations so what I can tell you is that in the church in the Bible it is not like that if you will tolerate them even if they are doing wrong since one is a millionaire you will tolerate him that has an evil effect.

I learnt that the sins against the Holy spirit one of the sins against the Holy Spirit is blasphemy, blaspheming is you speak against the Holy Spirit of God that is blasphemy. the Holy Spirit that if you intentionally violence because there are those who sometimes transgress but they are not aware they do not understand.

I learnt that we will not be forgiven if we understood that we are committing sin, and yet we inventionally commit it these are the teachings of the Holy Spirit that if we do it since it is an evil sin we will not be forgiven, hubble not them which from among the gentiles are turned to God but God we write unto them that they are staying from pollutions of idols and from foreign equation and from things is changed and from blood for it seem good to the Holy Ghost and to us they upon you know greater burden than this necessary things that he obstained from meats offering to idols and from blood and from faces triangled and from equation from which if you keep yourselves you shall do well very well.

Brother Eli also mentioned four things these are not difficult to remember they are just four so it seems good to the holy ghost and to us to lay upon you know greater burden than these necessary things what are these necessary things that must build upon a brother and prohibit them that you obstained from meets offered to idols that's one and from God next to and from face is strangled that makes three and from fornication these are among the laws of the whole spirit under the church that were strictly instructed by the apostles

Idols are silver and gold the wig of men's hands they have mouths but they speak not eyes have they but they see not they have ears but they hear not necessarily but they smell not they have hands but they handle not feats have they but they won't not neither speak. those are stay choose made of gold silver and wood made by men. Carpenter stretches out his rule in Marcus it out with the line he figured it would claims any market out with compass and make it after the figure of a man according to the beauty of a man that it may remain in the house. he make us a gods even his craven image he falleth down until it and worshiped. the idols being referred to are made of silver gold or wood the carpenter cuts down Cypress oak and fridge these were the most durable wood in Israel oaks hyprisoned wood that is not durable cannot be used in a short while it will crumb led like palatina which is very light they choose the hardwood to make gravit images.

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Thanks be to God for listening on our meeting.

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