DIY: Knitted Water Bottle Handle for Road Workout


Hi everyone, Today I did something quite rewarding with my all say stay at home because of the rain. Oh! we are observing our wet season over here so it literally drops all day.

Staying at home is a very stressful exercise so instead of just sitting there doing movies all day, I rather do something worthwhile today I made a water bottle handle for my favourite water jar.

It can be very challenging when you love something you can't use as often as you want to. Actually, this particular water jar is special to me because it was gifted to me by my not-so-special special sister, special because she is one hell of a troublesome sibling but very adorable at the same time.

Straight up let me move to the making process and before I start showing the process, let me first of all list the items used. I saw this very powerful phrase from a fellow creative-minded user here on Hive and it made so much sense to me that I had no option but to re-echo it here on my post. She @brittandjosie said

Again in all things you do is a blog or a piece to write about.

Materials used

  • U-U Cord
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Bids

Now with our materials in place, Let's get started with making.

Tie the U-U cords in an X form exactly like what you see in the picture below. Check this out

Now the reason you're tying the base is that you don't want to waste time doing something that will quickly loosen up when worn. The good thing about this is that the knitting process is not different from the tying, so how you tie it is just the same way you will keep knitting it all the way till you get your desired length.

Make sure your knitting looks exactly like the above picture. If yours is not like the picture above, I would advise you to start afresh until you get success.

Remember I told us from the beginning that I am doing a water bottle handle. From the picture above, I got to my desired length.


After that, I trimmed off the excess of my u-u cord. If you follow carefully, one of the materials I mention from the beginning of the post was a lighter, now what I used the light for was to burn the edges of my U-U Cord to ensure it doesn't loosen.

Now, it's time to fix our handle to it right place.

After inserting it into the handle, I tied it firmly to make sure it doesn't slip out before I added bids which was the last item to be added.

In case you practice along with me, don't forget to burn the edges at every point so you don't end up having loosening stuff so you don't break your water bottle because it might cut.

This bottle was empty at the time of completion but you see I didn't want to be fooled to think that it was strong, I had to add water to it to test how firm it is. Not only did I add water to it, but I also had someone carry it about with some water in it just to test it and be sure.

Now that's how it all went down on a rainy day.

Thanks for reading through my blog, upvoting, and commenting.


And this is how we hive ! Making a blog about teh things we do , excellent.
I think you mean beads , instead of bids. At the end of the handle. Also tags dear can be done a bit better. I will leave a message about that in a second. appreciators doesn’t exist and this is no knitting, so art , craft , diy, tutorial and creativity are better tags if you ask me . So great that you used my words and tagged me. Hope it stopped raining.

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So hope it’s helpful


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