Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge - Crystal Jaguar

Hey folks 😁 Graham here.


Welcome to another Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge. Here is the original post if you want to enter a battle yourselves.

If you sign up with my Referral Link and purchase the Summoner's Spellbook i will delegate you 5 cards to help you get started. At least one of these will be rare or higher.

This week we have the Splinter monster known as Crystal Jaguar.


During the historic Obliteration of Light, a family of wild cats was napping deep in one of the caves of the Crystal Forest. They were spared by the wave of destruction, and over time, with no competition for food, the cats grew incredibly large.

Edition: UNTAMED
Rarity: COMMON
Element: LIFE
ABILITIES: Thorns at level 4; Retaliate at level 9;

To be honest I don't really like or use this card very much but I am currently renting a level 6 Gold Foil card mainly for the cheap collection power points.

It took me several losing battles before I managed to secure a victory with this monster!

Battle Info

This is a 32 mana level battle with all splinters allowed except Earth + Fire.

I have 5 cards in this battle against 6!

Life vs Life

Ruleset = Equaliser + Lost Magic

Equaliser - All monsters health is equal to the monster with the highest health on either side.

Lost Magic - No magic attack monsters may be used in battle.

Battle Line Up + Strategy

Summoner: Chanseus The Great

This is one of the best summoners available as he has some great abilities including Repair, Triage and Resurrect which make him a master healer.
First Place: Goblin Mech

I have my all time favourite tank Goblin Mech up front. This is usually the case in most of my battles and when combined with Chanseus he becomes very hard go kill.

This is a really great melee attack monster with amazingly high stats.

I currently own a level 5 Gold card giving him some amazing stats - 5 hit points, 3 Speed points, 6 Armour points and 8 Health points!


In second place we have the mighty Sandworm to provide backup to the tank. I usually place sandworm at the rear but he is my best choice here due to the no magic ruleset

The Sandworm will use his Sneak attack to obliterate the enemies from the rear!

Third Place: Armorsmith

This warrior is here for his repair ability which will help keep my tank alive.

Tip: You need to have a monster with armour in your lineup for the Repair ability to work.

Fourth Place: Crystal Jaguar

As I said this is a monster I rarely use and I am hoping to benefit from it's Thorns ability.

Furious Chicken

Never forget your Chicken!!

The chicken will act as cannon fodder for any sneak attacks from the enemy.

Always willing to lay down her life for the team :)

Battle Walkthrough

As the warriors enter the arena we get our first look at the enemy and it looks lime we are quite evenly matched! This is going to be a long battle.


Due to the equaliser ruleset and healing abilities on both sides this is a very long drawn out battle with no fatalities until Round 8 so we join the action here.


So half way through round 8 we finally see our first fatality with my Sandworm killing the opponents tank monster the Shieldbearer with his massive 5 hit points. Its looking good for me.


Sadly in round 9 we see my first death with the enemies Armorshith taking out my tank Goblin Mech but he is magically resurrected thanks to Chanseus the Great's Resurrect ability.


Round 10 passes with no fatalities.


In round 11 we see the mighty Sandworm wreaking havoc and destroying the enemies Venari Crystalsmith monster which is great as he had the tank heal ability.


We see more back n forth over round 12 with no deaths.


The battle rages on...


In round 14 Goblin Mech destroys the Armorsmith and this is followed with Sandworm killing Cyclops! Victory is assured at this point.


We have no deaths in round 15 but both my monsters got good -5 hits in at both opponents so its almost over.


Repeat performance of the last round.


Half way through round 17 Sandworm obliterates Peacebringer and then they go on to destroy the last opponent!


The featured card never actually helped at all in this battle and i probably wont be using him again although it is a good gold card for the price of rental.


Winning Battle

Peace, G.

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