Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge - Cerberus The 3 Headed Beast


Hey folks 😁 Graham here.


Welcome to another Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge. Here is the original post if you want to enter a battle yourselves.

This week we have the 3 headed monster called Cerberus.


Rarity: RARE
Element: FIRE
ABILITIES: Heal at level 1; Retaliate at level 5

This is a great fire splinter tank card that comes with the healing ability at level 1 and retaliate at level 5 making it a great card to invest in particularly since this is the only fire monster with the healing ability.! This monster also has quite a low mana score of 4.

I really like the artwork on this card and it is quite a formidable monster.

Battle Line Up and Strategy

Malric Inferno is a great summoner card as he grants +1 melee attack

This will prove vital for my strategy as I am using 3 melee attack cards up front and I am relying on the extra hit point to really make the difference.

I only discovered this great summoner recently when it was added to my base collection for free.

In First Place we have the featured monster known as Cerberus

This 3 headed devil dog will be my tank for this battle and as he has a low mana count i have joined him with another melee attack monster with the Reach ability in another with the Opportunity ability..

All of which will of course benefit immensely from the summoners buff of +1 melee attack hit points.

Giant Roc is here to provide back up with his Reach ability.

This means it can attack from second position giving much need support to Cerberus.

Serpentine Spy is another great low mana level melee card with the Opportunity ability

This means this monster will attack from any position and will target the enemy monster with the lowest health.

Ettin Spearman is here to provide ranged attack support from the rear.

With his 8 points of health hopefully he will stay alive long enough to do some serious damage with his 3 hit points.

Furious Chicken is one of my all time favourite cards and is always here to take a hit in the back.

She will take the first hit from any enemy monster who has the Sneak ability probably.

Battle Review


So the enemy has finally revealed themselves and the wait is over! When Goblin Mech made an appearance i got a little worried but i was confident again when i seen my summoner applying his buff to my team.

I have 8 melee attack hit points combined, all of which can attack from their current positions.

We kick off with Cerberus attacking Goblin Mech for 3 points and Serpentine Spy has just destroyed Flame Monkey with one hit!

Sadly Goblin Mech now destroys Cerberus. I expected him to last longer really but hes done okay.

Now Giant Roc steps up but misses a hit at Goblin Mech. However Ettin Spearmen gets a nice spear in the eye right at the end of the round.


The second round starts badly for me with Goblin Mech killing Giant Roc which is worrying! However Serpentine Spy takes the lead and gets a good 3 point hit in at Goblin Mech who is then destroyed by Ettin Spearman with another 3 hit points.


Victory is now ours as ranged attack monsters cannot attack from the first position.

Now we watch as he gets decimated....


The Results


I really enjoyed this battle it was touch n go for a minute! Cerberus is a great monster in a situation with low mana and you have Malric Inferno on your side.

I will definitely play this hand again.

Winning Battle

Peace, G.

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Hey Graham,

Well done on the battlefield with the 3 headed beast.
Keep on battling.