Splinterlands Update - Kelp Initiate Card

Hey folks, Graham here.

Today I won the rare Kelp Initiate card doing my daily quest 😀 This is worth around $0.04 and gives 40 power so that's good. I really want to get up a league now so everything helps.!


This was the second time I have won this card so I bought 3 more to bring it up to level 2. Ideally I want to get it up to level 3 in order to gain the cleanse ability at least.



There is a hidden cave borne into the wall of the abyss that holds the Dark Water in ΛZMΛRÉ. Inside this cave, there is a rarely-seen steam vent, but not an ordinary steam vent. Rather than hot air, the cracks in the rocks vent a shimmering and magical light that radiates from deep within the guts of the Planet.

As the light gathered in the otherwise dark underwater cavern, the piles of kelp growing there were strangely affected. They came to life and formed into Kelp Initiates that quickly found their way out of the cave. They floated to the Mertropolis not as invaders or aggressors, but as healers and guides, bringing tidings from another world that exists far below this one. Their tidings are still murky, as the Kelp Creatures are only just figuring out how to vocalize the sounds of the Splinterlands common tongue. Still, they have already proven effective supporters in battle when summoned by a skilled Water Summoner.


Peace, G.

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