Splinterlands Update - Contessa L’ament Death Summoner + Undead Rexx

Hey folks 😁 Graham here.

Welcome to another Splinterlands update.

Today I levelled Up the Contessa L’ament Summoner card to level 2 mainly so I can play my Goblin Mech card at level 3 instead of level 1. This cost me $2.60 for 5 cards.

Contessa L'ament.png


The dark witch known as Contessa L’ament brings a chill to the entire audience of Mount Mox whenever she is called upon to summon. Her flowing robes seem to absorb light from all around; it is said that the eminence of a dark star is woven into their fabric. The ghastly, rasping voice she uses to control her monsters is naturally amplified as it echoes through the arena. Contessa wears a white mask so none can see her face, a mask which cries a single tear, as if lamenting some never-forgotten loss from a distant living past.

Next up I will be concentrating on getting my earth summoner card called The Wizard of Eastwood up to level 3.


So yesterday I won another Undead Rexx for my daily mission which made me realise I should level this up since the death summoner is now up a Level 😉 so I bought 22 cards for $0.013 each or 400 DEC. This allowed me to advance from 2 to level 4. 😀


This is my rewards for today's daily mission.


Battle of the day
Poisoned Again - Close Call https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=88092f243de3ddd648cb55259afc295d26f36f7c&ref=elricmoonslayer

Peace, G.

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