No Till Raised Bed Preparation - Starflower For Cover Crop!

Hey folks, hows it going..sun is out again today and the garden is buzzing and so am I!

So today begins the first bit of preparation for my first ever attempt at a No Till grow. We have a raised bed that we grew a nice Gorrila Glue in last year and it has been covered over since then. I have just pulled the cover off and the soil seems very nice and healthy :)

So its time to start to get a Top Dressing started to help improve the quality of the soil by adding nutrients naturally and of course organically.

There are of course several different plants you can use such as clover and alfalfa but today i am using a plant you might not think of immediately when it comes to a cover crop for marijuana.

This is beautiful looking plant called Starflower AKA Blue Borage and it is a great source of nitrogen for your soil and is also great for attracting beneficial insects such as wasps and bees which kill other unwanted predators that can harm your beautiful weed plants. In fact within 10 minutes of transplanting these plants several Bees had turned up.

It can also be used as a great manure when you mix it into your soil or compost, as a source of organic matter and nutrients. With its wide leaves it is also used as a living mulch which will also improve water retention in the soil.


Luckily it grows wild here which is a big reason i decided to use it as i don´t have any other seeds to use at the minute but i will try and get more.

A friend has just suggested growing lentils as a cover crop also!! I have not heard of that before so i might try that as lentils are very easy to acquire. The are also Nitrogen fixers.


I got 3 planted. The big one in the middle had grew out a pot by chance next to a Chilli plant so that should take easily as it had a lovelly root ball...i took the other two straight out the ground and im not sure how much roots i broke but hopefully they will survive. I will try and transplant a few more shortly.


Before i planted these i removed some of the top layer of soil and replaced it with 10 litres of the Super Soil so anything i put down should get a good start.


In a few weeks time i will cut these down and turn them into the soil which will then provide slow release Nitrogen for the plant over time. This will also improve soil drainage and aeration.

We could be looking at my contender for the Grow Competition :) Not sure whats goin in there yet though.

☮️ G.

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Interesting. Marigolds are also good to attract Lacewigs.