"Unsaid" - A Poem



The only thing
I didn’t do
Was tell you
Perhaps I hoped
You would read between
The lines
Maybe it all just seemed
Too obvious
In my mind
To merit any elaboration
Why resort to conversation
When in my imagination
It’s crystal clear
Do you really need it said
Out loud so you
Can hear
Didn’t you see
Those things
I wanted to say
Maybe they'll tease
At the edge of
Your consciousness
After I walk away

What can I say about this one...It came to me when I was in the middle of something I probably should have been paying closer attention to. I was thinking about how easy it is for people to think they’ve communicated something fully only to find out (hopefully sooner rather than later) that the point never got across. And that can lead to even bigger misunderstandings that snowball over time. Worst of all is realizing you assumed something was obvious so never actually said it out loud. Food for thought 🤔.

Peace ☮️.


Image sourced from pixabay.com