"Too Late" - A Poem



Opportunity knocked
First quietly
With the barely there sound
Of millions of
Digital pennies hitting the web
Like a gentle rain
Opportunity knocked
With a deluge
The old systems couldn’t contain
Thunderous knocks
Blocks and more blocks
A virtual monsoon
“Too much! Too much!”
They cried
“Too soon!”
Then years later
Drenched in regret
Many would whisper
“Too late…”

I guess the crypto market is on my mind these days 🤔. Back in 2017, I tried to encourage a few people I know to look into cryptocurrencies around the same time that I got started here (the version of 'here' that existed back then at least). Two people listened but other than them, it felt like everyone else thought I was trying to get them involved in some seedy pyramid scheme 😉🤑💸.

Scams exist no matter what type of money you use. I'm sure there's a con man out there scamming someone via barter right now. I just feel (in a completely non-financial advisorly way, of course) that even if crypto is new and scary and blockchains are hard to understand, they're worth looking into with an open mind and engaging with at a level you can comfortably afford, even if all you spend is time.

Peace ☮️.

Image sourced from pixabay.com

P.S. I don't actually know what happens when you use 'waiv' as a hashtag so I'll be trying that for a week. If that's for posts on a specific theme, just let me know and I'll stop. If I do happen to find out, I'll consider posting about my findings. I can't be the only one wondering.