"Growing Being" - A Poem



If you must quote me
Spare a thought for the people
I have been or will be
Won't always agree
I may shrink or grow
Learn things I don't yet know
I may change my mind
Over time I might find
Concepts I thought were clear
And even held dear
Have layers and shades
In infinite ways
I may even
Gain new certainty
On what was just a 'maybe'
That may 30 years on
Strike me as plain crazy
And the quotes from now
Might seem silly to me then
Change is the only way to grow
In the end

I don't believe that perfection is something that can be attained in a single human lifespan but learning and growth can be a part of your life until the day you die. No matter how much we know there's always more to know. You can look back on your past self with empathy knowing that you've come a long way and feel some excitement for all the new knowledge your future self will amass (if your present self puts in the work 😉).

Peace ☮️.

🐛 🦋
🥚 🐉

Image sourced from pixabay.com