"A Way with Words" - A Story in 100 Words



Mr. Sunshine was a loving bird. His vocabulary was huge and he had a compliment for every creature he encountered whether friend, family or stranger.

"Looking sharp!"

"Wow, you're good at that!"

"Aw, you guys are AWESOME!"

There was one creature he withheld pleasantries from. Whenever Mittens the cat entered the room, Mr. Sunshine's gaze would turn downright sinister. In a low, almost unrecognizable voice he would whisper, "Die, die, die..." on and on until the cat disappeared from view. There was no rational explanation for it.

Right after he would coo, "Love you! All we need is each other..."

This is another story I'd like to revisit eventually, probably from Mittens' perspective. Maybe Mr. Sunshine's previous owner was a serial killer or a huge fan of horror movies or maybe Mittens has been secretly tormenting him and he really plans to kill that cat one of these days. Who knows?

Anyway, on to todays' random words. Let me give you a moment to guess what they were if you want to.

Ready? Okay, the random words in this story are "rational" and "bird".

Peace ☮️.

Image sourced from pixabay.com