The Bandwagon You Shouldn't Join on your Journey to Success


The nature of post am making this days are the kind that doesn't only address the people but myself first.

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This post was motivated by @niallon11 and am so glad to do this today. This man has really captured my heart by his choose of post and I most say I am proud of your desire to help other by your write ups. Maybe you didn't deliberately wrote that to help others but I want to let you know that it has sure changed my perception as a young entrepreneur.

It is terrible to make friends with people who only come around when things are getting better. A good friend is one that sticks both in the good times and bad even when all others feels there is nothing attracting about you.

Real expansion comes is when people appreciate the beauty of a thing even when truly there is no beauty in it. Expansion attracts but not all that comes around when the expansion happens come to be push forward the expansion. . they want to hold a major stake in the system but because the price is juicy.

I was reading a post last night that put me in a space betwixt two. The post said that about 622 new guys have joined the cubfinance project telegram group already and my major wonder is are they here because the price is good or are they here because they want to join in building the system.

Stay whether the price is good or bad

While I yet read a post yesterday still by @niallon11 and something very engaging he said. "He said that the reason start ups fail is because they don't have staying power or because of money" and I have realized that the trend over here is that when people gets into the system and don't get the value they expect, they chicken out of the system and lie in wait till they here that there is a bulling in the system and that's definitely not a good sign for success.

Grow a Lasting Success

Success is not automatic, it is a journey and so when people sit on the fence waiting for a time of great harvest to jump in and reap from where they never sown, it becomes total foolishness.

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You grow success, you don't high jack it. You know success is not an happenstance.

The best way to enjoy success is to begin from the very beginning. Don't be deceived to think that you're smart when you try making a tent in a land another person cleared because both you and your tent might be frustrated in the process.

There are four laws of success I have propelled for myself and they are very simple laws that anyone can obey.

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  • Begin it
  • Continue in it
  • Wait for it

Begin it

I guess you've been told before that it is easier said than done. In my little experience of live, I have seen people making big plans even myself but never execute those plans. No matter how unique or big a dream is, it still remains a vision if it is only written down and not done. So must time people look for where the land is greener already meanwhile the best is to make the green land for themselves.

Continuing in it

Starting up has never been an easy thing but it always brings joy at the end. This is the point where people back off in their journey as entrepreneurs also this is the point that exposes men to stardom. People who go into business with the mind of getting immediate profit never profits at all because life in it normal sense needs time. There is no way we can separate time and success.

Time and success are inseparable.

Wait for it

I have grown to believe in the ideology that longer it takes, the more benefitting or profitable it will be most especially when that ideology is applied in the business sense. One of the most precious asset an entrepreneur possess is patience and any entrepreneur who doesn't know how to use his will soon relligate to seeking employment meanwhile he or she was sitting on a gold mind but because of impatient he missed it. Believe in what you do and believe in yourself. Business is not magical it is factored by time.

Learn to patiently on what you do. If you can't believe in what you're doing, what you are doing wouldn't believe in you.

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Thanks for this advice. Success isn't what you just envision without having to go through those tough moment in it. You can't just dream big without proper preparation on what to do. Thanks for the laws you gave. Actually, when we follow them, there is definitely going to be a good result at the end.