Do You Think it's Rude Not Replying to a Comment?


I have noticed that I have increased engagement on Hive platform lately and I see it good for the platform as well as for myself because it gives one an exposure and probably this is what we all want.

I don't know if others feel the same like me, but I feel not good about when I comment on someone's post and they don't reply back. And it's even sort of even worst feeling when you ask someone and they don't reply back.

Now that If you just put your views on a post in comments that don't necessarily asks for a reply, then I think it's okay for the author to not reply back, but if it's me, I would still be not feeling good about that either which I think is not good from my side.

Not everyone thinks the same. There might be people that might not be minding if the author don't reply back to their comment.

But I decided why not to put this question to you guys and ask if you think its rude when you comment on someone post and they don't reply back, when your comment not necessarily needs a reply or it's not a question.

For me, I think it's good to engage with users who take some time out and comment on your posts. Good to have a welcoming sort of behavior to them.

What you guys think about this?


I think that if you put time and effort into your comment to make it meaningful, then it is rude and disrespectful from their side to not write a reply to it. Especially if you ask questions and expect an answer.

By the way, I am also experiencing this. Many people do not bother to interact with others. Not even if they receive a comment under their posts. They see Hive only as an investing platform, and not as a social network.

I still saw people writing longer comments than some posts.

I think that it is important to "pick" the right people to interact with. If you put long minutes to write a meaningful comment with hundreds of words, and the author of the post is simply ignoring it, then it is worth to think twice before you write anything to that author again.

But it is also worth to mention that it is not always the people's fault. It could be a bug. I also experienced that I thought that I replied to a comment, but then I realized days later that somehow I did not, yet I remembered writing and sending the comment.

And there are other factors. Many people are very busy. They do not have much free time, and they rather invest that into writing their own posts. I often say that if they have enough time to write a post, then they should also have enough time to write comments and to interact with others. This is true for the most cases, because writing a comment usually take much less time than writing a post.

Although not in my current case. This comment is consist of 277 words, counted from its beginning until the end of the previous sentence. Many people write shorter posts, but that is fine. Often me too. We do not always have much to say. But I felt the need to write these thoughts down.

Now there are 325 words in this comment, until the end of the previous sentence.

I give you some !PIZZA.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings from Hungary.