Providence Lost

My God
My God
Why have I foresaken thee?

Once I was a sheep
Under tender care
But I strayed
Or did I simply dare
To question
To wonder
To ask why?

Why did Your Providence
Put me in such a precarious place?
Why did I get left in the cold?
A God who loves me
I don't doubt
But a church full of sinners
Who left me without
A stable life
Free of strife
Void of winners
A dark winter
Frigid cold
It gets old
Wondering when You will save me.

But You don't promise comfort
Only a cross
A life of struggle
Sanctification through toil
And trial
And error
A path not as clear as some would make it.

If this is the cross
I bear
I can handle it
I can survive
And eventually be closer
To You and forever
Away from this place.


This week's poem prompt from Blockchain Poets is "Spirituality". Check it out and try your hand at some poetry!






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God reveals your darkest corners while also showing you the how and why of it all.
His gentle kindness and patience will eventually compel you to repent.
Just don't berate yourself.
He's the role of a spirit to heal and that's what draw you into him.


Thanks for the kindness. I want to repent of so much, but I honestly don't see how I can sometimes.


When the time comes, you'll know it. You cannot force something to occur. It'll take some time. And when you're ready, you'll do it on purpose.


You know, I love writing poetry but I rarely find that I enjoy reading it. (I have no clue why). But this poem, my dear, I like it! You made me think, you made me feel, you revealed something about yourself and your struggles. I can't help but think that a great poet is one that inspires another poet to write something even more edgy, thoughtful, vulnerable. Thank you 😄


Thank you! I kinda feel the same way. Some poems are sooo hard to slog through. It's rare to find people who can clearly articulate emotions. I love it when I find a poem which speaks to me.