Every Day I'm Hustlin'


Something I have learned recently is that no one is going to improve your life except yourself. I got turned down for a home equity loan because at the last minute my credit score dipped just below their threshold. Almost all the way to closing and my hope of fixing up my house and paying off my debts was gone.

Instead of moping, I decided to get to work. I used to do Taskrabbit a few years ago so it seemed like the logical choice. Oddly enough they have decided that my old rate wasn't enough so they increased it by ten dollars an hour. I thought for sure that would price me out of the market.

Of course I was wrong. I barely set up my availability on the app and I have already had several jobs. I had a few mowing jobs and a couple moving jobs. But this week I had something that made me realize maybe I am worth the "raise".


A client wanted me to clean out a few raised beds and a front flower bed. "Easy work" I thought. Ha. It took two hours to do the flower beds and just one raised bed. Six beds like the one in the first pic... Seven hours later and it looked kind of good, to me. Then he asked me to trim some hedges. I guess my work was good to him. He even said he'd hire me again and recommend me to a friend.

I realized that perhaps I sell myself short. I need to have confidence in my work. I work hard. I work to high standards. And perhaps I should see the results for what they are: worth paying for.

Don’t downplay your worth. If you're willing to work hard and produce something of value there is usually someone out there willing to pay for it. You are able to improve your condition with a little work and sweat. There are no get rich quick schemes that will save you. But there are plenty of ways to get richer slower.






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