"Document 13" A Dystopian Tale: Part 9


Welcome to part 9 of "Document 13", a dystopian graphic novel I'm creating with my daughter. I hope you are enjoying it so far.

Love it? Hate it? I welcome any and all feedback!

The year is 2074, the world has been plunged into darkness. One girl, Sarah Doe, will learn the secrets of the dark forces that run the ruined world. With the help of a few friends, her family, and her own powers she will fight to return the world to an order not known since well before her birth. Will she succeed? Read to find out!

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Scene: One month later in the pantry. Ruby enters and shuts the false wall. Sarah has several books now. She also has a pencil and is tracing letters when Ruby comes in.

R: It’s gettin’ harder to keep you. The orderlies have been askin’ harder and harder questions, which is sayin’ a lot for them. I think they have their suspicions. I love you girl, but it’s gettin’ time for you to leave the nest.

S: But how? You said they are guarding the suits. Robin died without a…

R: They only have two guards. And they are dumber than bricks. You should hear the questions they’ve been askin’. Sure, they’ve gotten tougher, but when the early questions were softball questions…

S: What are we going to do?

R: They switch shifts every twelve hours. The next switch is in two hours. Gather your things. I brought you some extra rations and directions to the outside.

S: The outside?

R: Now, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten everything I taught you. The safe-haven outside the city. My friends work in a factory supplyin’ shoes to the floatin’ city, but they have connections to the safe-haven. I’ve managed to smuggle out a message to them with one of the other orphans so they’ll know you’re comin’. She had no idea what she was deliverin’ but I’m sure she got it on the right bot. I hope anyway… When the guards are switchin’, I’ll distract them and you sneak out. Do you remember where to go?

S: The library in the Northwest Quadrant. Stick to the safety corridors away from dogs.

R: Yes, they will meet you there and take you to the safe haven.

Scene: HM office, one week earlier. One of the orphans is standing in front of the hm desk. The hm is reading a note.

Hm: Thank you my dear one. You said the cook gave this to you, correct?

Orphan: Yes, ma’am. She said to hide it in bot Q105.

Hm (taking notes): Q105? That’s a shoe factory bot… thank you again, you’re dismissed.

The orphan leaves.

HM (picking up the phone): I think we found her. I have a plan.






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