"Document 13" A Dystopian Tale: Part 17


Welcome to Part 17 of "Document 13", a dystopian graphic novel I'm creating with my daughter. I hope you enjoy it!

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The year is 2074, the world has been plunged into darkness. One girl, Sarah Doe, will learn the secrets of the dark forces that run the ruined world. With the help of a few friends, her family, and her own powers she will fight to return the world to an order not known since well before her birth. Will she succeed? Read to find out!

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HM Matthew’s office, Smith is sitting across from her, along with two other men dressed in suits.

HM: You don’t ever bring friends Mr. Smith, what’s the occasion?

Sm: These men work with me at the Office of Information Management. It seems there is an issue with one of your colleagues, a certain Dr. Bureau. A few weeks ago he sent a multiple encrypted messages to his old co-workers. He told them he’s been doing experiments on some of your orphans. Thankfully his old “friends” passed the messages onto us. They are very loyal to the Party and wouldn’t want to jeopardize it.

He slides a folder across her table. It’s labeled “Document 13”. She opens it and gasps.

Man 1: He wants his old job back, working on a classified project the Party closed years ago. What did he tell you about it?

HM: Not much, just that he had a hunch about something and wanted my girls to test his hypothesis.

Man 2: That’s not what he told his colleagues. As you can see in the document, he has eight of your girls and he’s claiming they are invincible. He says you sent one to him because you couldn’t kill her. The other seven are test subjects.

HM: (He has seven successful cases and he hasn’t called me about them?!) I’m not sure what he’s talking about… I sent the first one because she was a particularly difficult child. The rest are also on discipline.

M1: These are pretty serious charges Mistress Matthews. We can’t have loose ends knowing about our projects, defunct or not. We let him go because he was pretty low on the Party food chain, but now that he’s spreading rumors we might have to take action.

Smith: I can’t protect you from everything. You can either testify against him or I’ll let your little enterprise fail.

M2: He was very thorough in his messages. The poor guy thinks the Party will hire him back if he proves himself worthy. We suspect he’s pretty loose lipped about other old Party business as well. We can’t have that kind of classified information out there.

HM: Well, all I know is that I gave him some of my problem girls like I always do. What he does with them is none of my business as long as they come back better behaved.

M1: We will continue to investigate. It would be best for you not to tip him off to this. Smith, are coming back with us?

Smith: I have other business with the headmistress. I’ll catch up with you.

The two men glare at him, take the folder from the desk, then stand up and leave.

Smith: He said you gave him that little monster who attacked me. That was months ago. What did you do with her? Did you send her to this doctor?

HM: I sent her for correction. But he said he needed more time. I don’t know what all this invincibility nonsense is…

Sm: I hope for your sake he’s just crazy.

He stands up and leaves. The headmistress picks up the phone.

HM: Get the transport ready, I have a visit to make…


Love it? Hate it? I welcome any and all feedback!

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