Arm In Arm

This week's prompt at Blockchain Poets is "Deepest Romantic Desires".

It's not an easy thing to think about. Almost two years into a new relationship, it still feels unsettled. I don't know my deepest romantic desires too well, since I tend to be a realist. No one is perfect. No relationship is perfect. So why dream or desire something so unrealistic? I know I've seen close couples, but what happens behind closed doors? How close can two people really be? Is real love possible in such a narcissistic age?

But here is my attempt to describe my desires. Perhaps it makes some sense?



A breath on my cheek
Passion and gasping
And grasping for touch
Any affection
Any connection
For life a companion
Loyal and meek
Never abandon
A friend
A joy
Don’t kill this boy
Or make me a toy
Standing in the rain
Drowning in pain
Afraid it will happen again
Relieve my fear
Comfort me with compassion
A flutter
A longing
A desire to be one
A mind
A team
Walking arm in arm
Into the future.


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Ah, you unite longing and trepidation well! Sometimes you just gotta leap and see what happens. Furtive, passionate desires always give way to something much better in the end. A sweet poem.


I hope it does. Leaping is scary, sometimes I wish I could climb back up some of the cliffs I've leapt off of.


Haha yes.. me too. But no regrets, only learning opportunities. Jumping off same cliff twice, though...


Love involves a degree of risk or comes with taking it one step at a time. Glad the poet still have that concern but still willing to go through. It takes courage to love and courage is not the absence of fear but the presence of fear yet the will goes on.

Well done.