March 1st 2021 - Monsters Really Exist... And Sometimes They Tweet



A decade after its start, Occupy Wall Street movement can't point to any of its concrete achievements, at least when it comes to restraining all the worst excesses of capitalism and improving condition of an ordinary person. However, its members could be credited for putting phrase "1 percent" into popular vocabularies and thus setting the general tone of socio-economic debates for years to come.

Phrase "one percent", however, has its own sort of detractors, namely among those who complain that it advocates class struggle and hatred to the social elite that could, if the ideas of Occupy Wall Street are practiced according to historical examples, result in guillotines and killing fields.

The class hatred, however, appears to be two-way street. Just as impoverished masses disdain wealthy and powerful elites and dream about their members being publicly executed, those very elites – or, at least, some prominent individuals belonging to that group – feel the same towards great unwashed "deplorable" masses. Among 1 percent are those who want 99 percent dead and can't wait for such world to become reality.

Those sentiments are becoming harder to hide and one such example could be found in recent tweet by World Economic Forum about "lockdowns quietly improving cities in the world". The tweet created major backlash and was deleted after mere few minutes. In any other circumstances, the tweet, which appeared to confirm the most outlandish conspiracy theories about global elite and its role in COVID-19, would have created PR cataclysm for said institutions. But, not in case of institution which is so embedded in political and economic establishment that its apparently anti-humanist stance remained ignored and brushed aside by mainstream media. This little story is, however, quite revealing and probably the most disturbing of any heard in past year or so.

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