June 26th 2021 - Hiveblocks.com - Too Much Information?



Price of Bitcoin is going down, and bitter experience teaches us that the price of HIVE is going to get even lower. This, however, doesn’t mean that the Hive developers are going to abandon work on this blockchain. On the contrary, work continues and in only couple of days we are going to get next major fork.

What is even more noticeable are the changes in various HIVE dApps. Some are profound, some are cosmetic, but they change this blockchain adding the energy necessary for the HIVE users to maintain their interest in the technology in the bearish days, weeks or months to come. Leofinance, which recently changed its user interface, is a one such good example.

Of course, not all changes can be for the better. Nor those changes can always be obviously for the better. In some cases, certain amount time has to pass for the users and community in general to pass judgement whether the change was justified or not.

One such example is hiveblocks.com, a very useful tool for HIVE users who want to deep dive into statistics. If a user, like the author of this post, happens to write a lot of posts and vote on lot of posts, having some sort of picture when such posts were made and how much rewards they might get is essential. Hiveblocks.com did a pretty good job, but recent changes – increased amounts of statistical information about each and every post – made things a little bit more confusing. Getting required information from the multitude of information is now somewhat more difficult. However, it is likely to the author of this post, as well as many other users, would in time get used to the change.

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The recent wave's in the crypto market is becoming very alarming,but nevertheless their is still high hope that things will get better,even with the steps of some hive and Bitcoin holder selling off their token due to fear or what I can call panic of the wave's that hit the market,hive community and it developer and it on board and I don't see any reason why people should be living in fear by letting off a precious token they have held for a long period of time,but to me I believed so much that the crypto market will come back to live soon and regain it strength again

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